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Incorporated in July of 2010 Rotorcraft Operations Limited was formed as an output of the research and development undertaken by its Director Bob Burrage. The purpose is to form an organisation equipped and structured to take the Escort concept to the next logical stage.

Rotorcraft Operations Limited wishes to attract and partner with R&D organisations, manufacturers, and government agencies already involved with the aviation industry who are interested in, and can see the benefit of, the Escort concept.

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1 The Chestnuts
OX14 3YN

Company Registration No. 07326348


Bob Burrage - Director

Armed with a BSc in Maths and Physics, the first interesting task of Bob′s career in the aerospace industry was a VTOL simulation. This involved helping build and program a simulation of the Hawker Siddeley HS 681. With 4 vectored thrust engines and 18 lift engines, the simulation task was to find the safest strategy to recover from loss of a lifter engine.

Since then, involvement in the systems design of engine and flight controls for rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft has been good training for the present studies.

His most recent projects have been private venture: an asymmetric compound helicopter, a long range VTOL fan-in-wing design and centre-line tiltrotor concepts.

Presently he is a director of Rotorcraft Operations Ltd based in Oxfordshire, UK.

Jenny Burrage - Director

As a director and company secretary of Rotorcraft Operations Ltd, Jenny provides the drum-beat for meetings and commitments that otherwise might suffer to the pressure of engineering targets.

Qualified as Bachelor and Master of Education, with years of practical experience, Jenny loves people and knows how to get them to do what they ought!

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