The author gratefully acknowledges the friendship and stimulation of colleagues during my career at Lucas Aerospace, now Goodrich Corp, and the opportunities given to visit and work with the aerospace community near and far, the ground rock for these studies.

For discussions and advice specific to these studies, the author gratefully acknowledges the input from:
Prof. Gareth Padfield of Liverpool University (thanks for letting the author fly the XV-15 simulator).
Prof. Gordon Leishman of the University of Maryland re discussion of an early version of the concept.
Roger Bailey of Cranfield University for a pilot viewpoint.
Colonel Tim Chicken and others from UK MoD for their time and advice.
Chris Dalley, Harry Carrier, Bob Spray and Dr Tony Klepping for focusing on the business aspects.
Dr David Harry, Andrew McLernan, Hervé Jardon and David Walker for ideas and/or proof reading.
. . . and to Jenny, my wife, for fantastic support and encouragement.

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